comes the supply also comes so that becomes a neutral event so hopefully that’s helped out Stacy I know there’s a lot of people who’ll be listening who maybe have properties incineration or pack animal officer so the cut last part of the question is whether or not to hold it or not generally speaking we’ve said many times the podcast is very few occasions when we suggest that you.

should sell but it’s-all about some seeing it as a bigger picture you know it’s part of the strategy bit and we’re doing some research on the sort of cell hold and trying to test whether there is an opportunity cost lost there and hopefully you know into next year we’ll be talking more about that type of assessment so we want to run multiple theories through our simulation software’s to see whether there will Bea change of that view but you know the economic cost of getting in and getting out is is really expensive.

so if it’s sitting there doing its thing and kicking along and showing some growth maybe just maybe it’s worth holding on that’s the point Property Valuation Melbourne when I say it’s no growth correct it’s the opportunity cost growth and for the benefit of the listeners because we often get a few questions like this the way that we’ve just overlaid that is cranberry we go economic activity it’s a reasonable distance from the central Cb Downer-occupier appeal it.