Technically speaking the value of the firm remember this is a free cash flows to the club this is going to be the value of the football and Miller would have called it a value of a gear company yes is a car is a combination it’s a combination of value of equity plus value of debt inside heroes what are you going to do now we are interested from this requirement Hindustani.

I want you to highlight this would too many highlights ship let me clean my white box is going to be this I want you to pilot this act with deeds not the and RT share this is going to be equity to pay attention to the exam questions carefully is it was net or whether is equity so in this case inequity equity value well we are told in this paragraph here that number paragraph number six look at this point here that look at this this is going to be at a -percent debt yeah forty percent debt-to-equity.

so it’s going to be forty percent debt-equity sixty percent Property Valuations Sydney so this is going to be sixty percent of that percent is going to give you an answer of I’m gonna rounded up million dollars that’s going to be the value of equity of the Nita and they want us to calculate per share purchase is going to be divided by number of shares so what is the number of shares in nite para the number of shares in one need tries given in that paragraph number for that yet number of shares in Whitney truck is the million shares we’re going to do about it with million shares I’m going touche OK I’m going to use one it I’m going to get a study sorry train percent is. tier in I’m going to use one is this one usually the examiner does you have just.