They’re really suffering from a bigger picture from the drop in the iron ore price. So I think a lot of people are feeling the heat over there and rental returns are suffering big time. So I think that my old hometown of Perth, it pains me to say but at this stage, not on the radar for us from a border less investment perspective to be buying in Perth.Ben Kingsley Yeah.

For me it’s – it will probably come into the watch category, second half of , just to see how it’s going because I suspect we’re seeing slowing population growth, if not maybe even negative population or migration. So whereas when you’ve scapegoat expenditure like how we’re doing and it’s quite literal, isn’t it? It’s beautiful place, more better days than worse days in terms of weather-wise.So from that point of view, it’s good. But if the job opportunities and the incomes that were touted before are no longer there considering.

that they’re still finishing off a lot of those subdivisions in new housing land areas. It just says to me that we look at the supply side or we look at the vacancy rate starting to creep up. So from that point of view, thatcher it’s on a no-act now but might come back on to the watch list or it could stay on the no-act for the rest of .Bryce Foldaway We know some people that are buying in the market and they’re looking for opportunities to add value to the land in terms of subdividing the land banking and so again.