Asking as a prerequisite of instruction to follow the man Having had friends that have done the degree ahead of me, I expected a degree which would-be challenging and which would be really well respected in the industry. I expected to pick up a broad range of skills and have the opportunity.

At the end of my degree, choose which had an aptitude for and which was the best direction for me to pursue my career in. When I first started looking into the degree, I really didn’t know what to expect. When you speak to a lot of people and talk about property, they just think selling residential houses and apartments, and that’s probably a bit of a mindset that I came into the decrease thinking about — oh, is it just about selling and stuff like that? And then you realize through all the subjects you learn and stuff like that there’s so much broad-spectrum to property.

It’s not just selling Property Valuer Melbourne and leasing. It’s about valuation and planning and development — so many different spectrum. And it provides so many different opportunities, so people who don’t think they’re a salesman, they can use their more analytical skills if they want to be an analyst or in valuation.

So I spent a year just researching what the best units were in Australia. I was prepared to travel anywhere to find the best degree, and it turned out to be UTS. So my definite expectation was to go in — I knew I wanted to work in property, I wasn’t quite sure which area in property, but I definitely knew it was property — and UTS has absolutely just exposed me to all areas I never thought possible Probably the main highlight of my degree was doing the moot court at the Land Environment Court against Queensland University.