The valuation report is a comprehensive report that helps you determine the fair market value of residential property in Australia. Key features of the valuation report is the estimated value of the property deriving by the online valuation modular system or manually by the property valuator. There are multiple figures categorized in many sections that use statistical methodologies to assign a current market value to the property.

The property details consist of:

•  Title deed Number
•  ERF/Unit Details – as per Australian Deeds Registry
•  Street Address
•  ERF/Unit Size
•  Lat/Long Coordinates
Ownership Detailing is also provided as per the deeds registry.

In addition to what is shown above, the valuation details on:

•  Last sale date and price
•  Estimated Value – value of property statistically generated
•  Safety Score – 90% surety that there is probability that the values will be sold for the same estimated values. The estimated value is not an over prediction
•  Other values are: Accuracy score vale that shows whether the probability of the estimated value is accurate.
•  The expected high and low values are also provided with it

In addition to what is shown above, the valuation details on:

Also the Municipal Valuation details are attached that show assessed rates value and zoning or usage of property. Some reports also provide a recent numbers of comparable sales and with an offer to purchase that in under process. Most Property Valuation Report contains the information necessary to make an informed decision if you’re thinking of buying, selling or are simply curious about a property. It is compiled from the best data sources available.